Free Printable Starbucks Logo

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Coffee, for some people it is a usual caffeine drink supplier to start their routine. But some people treat it as a tradition, drinking a cup of coffee is known very well for a part of culture in many countries, coffee is a lifestyle.

Talking about coffee, do you know that Starbucks franchise offers more than 87.000  drinking combinations around the world? It has around 21.000 stores in 62 countries! With that amount of number Starbucks can absorb about 160.000 employees worldwide! And it serves almost 4 billion cups of coffee annually, it means 11.2 million cups of coffee daily! Starbucks info from says that it has $ 13.3 billion net revenue in 2012.

Starbucks, with their two-tailsed siren, or mermaid logo, is one of the most popular coffee provider in the world. But if you are a hardcore coffee drinker and true coffee lover you probably disagree if I say Starbucks is the most delicious coffee provider. Luwak Coffee from Indonesia or the fruity-taste of arabica coffee from Kenya Rumuka surely can be easily become your favorite, even just from a cup of them.

But hey we won't talk about quality, how delicious they serve, or how their coffee taste is. It is about their logo, popular story about an old 16th-century Norse woodcut: a two-tailed mermaid figure. Here you can download then print them for your needs. If you need a set of printable Starbucks logo, you can use our free printable Starbucks logo template that you can get in images here. Feel free to insert these printable Starbucks logo in your ms word file, power point presentation, or just print them on a paper for kids cutout or other craft and kids daily activity. You can edit these images with photoshop if modify is needed, you don't need to ask for our permisson to do that. These logos are usually printed on Starbucks coffee franchise lid cup, mug and their other products.

printable set 4 green starbucks logo mermaid with letter image
printable set 4 black starbucks logo siren image
printable set 4 green starbucks logo emblem without letter image
starbucks coffee cup mug labeled with starbucks green mermaid logo

Above is an example of coffee mug with Starbucks coffee logo.