Free Printable Parking Violation Tickets - Fake and Funny Parking Sign Template

free printable parking violation tickets and sign template

Parking Tickets

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the reasons that you might receive a parking ticket, how to deal with getting a parking ticket, and even how to have fun with a printable parking ticket.

Getting a parking ticket can be upsetting at first, especially if you have never had one before and this is your first encounter with them. However, you will always find that there is a reason for there being a parking ticket being left on your windshield. Whether it be because you parked somewhere that you weren’t supposed to or you left your car somewhere longer than you were allowed to, there’s always a reason. Our focus in this article will be to discuss some of the reasons and how you can get rid of a parking ticket - so, let’s get right into it.

Types of Parking Tickets

There are three main types of parking tickets that you should be aware of.

Parking Charge Notice. This is a parking ticket which has been issued by a private company. For example, parking on private property or in a parking spot meant for residents only.

Penalty Charge Notice. These parking tickets are issued by local councils for illegally parking in public areas or for breaking traffic guidelines.

Fixed Penalty Notice. This is the worst of the three as it is issued by the police and most of the time can’t be disputed. If you are pulled over by the police while you are driving, this is the type of ticket that you will receive.

Appealing against a Parking Charge Notice is easier than appealing against a Penalty Charge Notice or a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Reasons for Getting a Parking Ticket

We mentioned some of them above although there a lot of different reasons that you may have gotten a parking ticket for.

Parking Meters. One of the most common reasons for receiving a parking ticket is if you have overstayed your welcome. In other words, parking your car next to a parking meter but leaving it there way longer than the time that you paid for.

Parking in a Bus Stop. This mostly happens next to schools. Parents think that if they park for only a minute, collect their child, and run back to the car then “no harm no foul”. Incidentally, if you are caught doing this then you will be issued a ticket.

Lack of a Parking Permit. Some places require you to have a parking permit and if your permit isn’t displayed, you may be given a parking ticket. However, if you can prove that you do in fact have a permit and that you simply forgot to have it displayed properly, you will have an easy time appealing it.

How to Deal with a Parking Ticket

So, you got a parking ticket and you’re wondering, “What’s next?”. There are typically two things that you can do with your parking ticket.

Pay it and accept the punishment. The simple thing to do would be to accept that you were in the wrong, pay the parking ticket, and get on with your life. Even if you weren’t doing anything wrong you might find that this is the easiest thing to do – the alternative will consume a huge part of your life.

Fight the power! It’s rare that people will decide to fight a parking ticket, especially considering how much hassle is involved in it. That being said, if you completely disagree with the fact that you’ve been issued a parking ticket and you know for a fact that you weren’t in the wrong, you are able to make an appeal (depending on the circumstances).

Printable Parking Tickets

Let’s end this article on a more positive note. Printable parking tickets can be an incredibly fun way to prank your friends or family. If you have a friend who thinks they’re the absolute best at parking and they are constantly bragging about it, take them down a notch and place a printable parking ticket on their windshield.

free printable parking violation tickets card template
free printable parking violation card sign template kiwitemplatecom

Print this "parking by permit only" as a parking warning sign so that people will be careful with their parking habit.

funny fake parking violation ticket template kiwitemplatecom

Above is fake for parking warning sign or printable ticket you can use as a prank for your yard or parking spot.